The world is called Firma.

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Firma was once called Earth. Earth progressed to a golden age of plenty. The age ended in a wash of interdimensional armageddon, as rifts from many worlds opened all at once upon the world. That was 2500 years ago. No one remembers the way the world was before the fall. Billions died, cities burned or simply disappeared. Tracking history in that time of chaos was not a priority, when survival was so very hard. Around the same time, the Shining Realm began to intrude into the world and gates to other realms also opened through out the world.

500 years later, many of the gates closed, but not all. That 500 year period was called the Great Dark Age.

For a thousand years after the Great Dark Age, the dominate power on the continent of Meric, was the Kingdom of the Great Lady, a kingdom ruled by Eladrin, and populated mainly with Humans, Elves, Gnomes, Satyrs and Pixies. The north was ruled by the Ape Lords, called the Imperial Regency of Windlands. To the far west was the small kingdom of Montvale.

There were other smaller nations, but those were the major powers for a thousand years.

After a thousand years, another catastrophe occurred and a gate opened in the kingdom of Montvale. Through it came the horde of Dragonkin and Tieflings, who were ruled by infernal masters, Demon Lords and Devil Kings. For 500 years, they pushed across the continent of Meric. They drove back all who opposed them, save the enclaves of Dwarves, who lived in their mountain strongholds in the western range. They reached as far west as the Atalan Pits. A group of heroes from various places, including from across the Eastern Ocean, managed to make it across the land. They went to the Hellgate, and closed it from inside.

Since then, the land has recovered. The Kingdom of the Great Lady is just a shadow of its former self, but it still stands. The Duke of Apach rules the forest kingdom in the name of the Great Lady, who pulled back to the feywild when it looked like her kingdom might fall. The Apach Rangers have existed since the early days of the kingdom, and now wander the lands despensing justice and making peace.

The Ape Lords of the Windlands, came out well after the war in a stronger position. They are known for their hardy warriors and the amazing artificers. Their capital is built upon the ruins of a golden age city, that sat upon the shores of a great fresh water sea. They also treat all other races as second class citizens. The “lesser humanoids” are not allowed to own land, hold title, or even free breeding without permission of their nobles. This is the view of traditionalist Apes, but there are always some who feel the call of another way. Their current Lord Regent has even sent envoys out into the world, which the more traditionalist Apes find almost blasphemous.

The remnants of the demonic hordes have receded, but their mortal servants are still around. The Dragonkin were enslaved long ago by the Demon Lords and now they have reasserted their independence. There is a growing kingdom of them living in the south in a great flat land leading into the sea. The Tieflings scattered and tried to find places where ever they could. They are distrusted where ever they are found, but many are just trying to prove they are worthy.

The Dwarven enclaves have begun trading with the outside world again. They carry many great secrets from their cave strongholds. Each Enclave is a nation to itself, though most acknowledge the ancient home of Radic Caverns as the most powerful.

The river nomad Halflings and their allies, the Otten(Sometimes called the Otter People) travel the Great Meric River north towards the Ape Lord lands, and south as far as the floating city of Ponchan.

Still other things lie across the seas, but they are mysterious and unknown to most. This is the continent of Meric.

The Legendary Weapons of Fallen Firma

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